Herbal Warm-up—Digestive Bitters

Herbal Warm-up—Digestive Bitters

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Our hand-crafted digestive bitters are a unique and tasty blend of warming aromatics to stimulate digestive secretions and encourage flow. Indicated for heartburn, poor digestion, excess heat, depression, or sluggishness. Please take the time to taste the bitter and warming attributes of this formula for greatest effect. I also hear this blend turns a good cocktail into a great one, by the way. Hot Toddy, anyone?

Dandelion root and leafᶺᶺ, orange peelᶺ, cinnamonᶺ, cardamomᶺ, gingerᶺ, fennel seedᶺ, 1:5 in 40% grain alcohol

40-60 drops in a little water 15 minutes before meals

Keep out of reach of children.

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