Open Channels


While the human body is equipped to handle some stress (thank goodness), we live in a toxic world and most everyone benefits from intentionally clearing built-up toxicity. Cleansing allows the body to function more efficiently, thereby relieving symptoms and releasing sources of chronic inflammation. However, If one stimulates the release of toxic buildup without clearing the exit routes first, toxins will recirculate, ultimately making the individual sicker than before. Our Open Channels line was created to address each of the body's pathways of elimination with products specifically formulated to nourish, heal, and clear each of these organ systems and exit routes. When pathways are open, the body releases toxins naturally. With the abundance of medicinal plants available in my bioregion, I’ve lovingly formulated each product in the OPEN CHANNELS to feature wildcrafted herbs from the open roads of the American Southwest.

Our OPEN CHANNELS line offers herbal formulations for each of the main detoxification pathways. All pathways must be addressed, beginning with areas you or your practitioner have identified as being out of balance.  Each product should be taken consistently to receive the full benefit, and two or three pathways can be addressed at one time. If symptoms persist or re-appear after six weeks of targeted support, continue with support for that system. This is detoxification in and of itself.

A successful detox relies on clear channels but, just as importantly depends on reduction of life stressors. It is recommended that an individual wishing to cleanse the body follow a careful process of supplementation, dietary and lifestyle changes. Inflammatory substances in the diet should be reduced and emphasis placed on quality sleep, regular physical activity, and intentional stress management.